Save on a combination package of a Smoky Lake Murphy Compensation Cup + Gold Series Hydrometer
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Murphy Compensation Cup by Smoky Lake Maple Products is available from Cooke's Maple Farm in Brunswick, ME
COMBO PACKAGE Sale Over -Thanks!
COMBO PACKAGE Sale Over -Thanks!
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COMBO PACKAGE Sale Over -Thanks!

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SAVE 10% ON A COMBO DEAL! (while supplies last)

This is the combo package every maple producer needs! Our Murphy Compensation Cup and Hydrometer Package includes:

  • 1 Murphy Compensation Cup
  • 1 Gold Hydrometer


The Murphy Compensation Cup from Smoky Lake Maple Products performs all compensation calculations for you so you can take accurate hydrometer readings in a snap.

The dial on the Murphy Cup will indicate exactly where your hydrometer should be floating based on your syrup sample’s current temperature. Simply compare the reading on the dial to the reading on your hydrometer to quickly and easily determine the density status of your syrup.


Temperature of your syrup can drastically affect the buoyancy of your hydrometer. Traditionally, the only way to get an accurate hydrometer reading was to measure your syrup sample’s temperature and then use a compensation chart to calculate where the hydrometer should actually be floating. What a pain!

The Murphy Compensation Cup does all those calculations for you so you NEVER have to even think about it again. The dial on the Murphy Compensation Cup will indicate the actual location of 66.9ºBRIX on your hydrometer based on your syrup sample’s current temperature. If your syrup sample’s temperature changes, so will the reading on the Murphy dial, giving you the real-time feedback you need to take a quick and accurate measurement.


The Gold Series is an exclusive design by Smoky Lake Maple Products and it has the highest standards of any other maple industry hydrometer.


    • Dual declaration scale: 45–75º BRIX at 60°F and 25–40 Baume at 60°F
    • Smoky Lake exclusive scale design for unmatched legibility
    • NO LEAD! The ballast is a food grade alloy.
    • Stronger structure for enhanced resistance against breakage
    • Hand-blown glassware
    • Heat treated in a secondary process to remove unseen stresses
    • Red indicator is blown into glass and gives peace of mind that your scale insert is properly positioned inside the hydrometer.
    • Traceable serial numbers per the N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technologies)
    • ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) compliant
    • Made in the USA

    Additional Info:

    • Weighted with a food grade alloy. NO LEAD!
    • Smoky Lake exclusive design for unmatched legibility.
    • Stronger structure for enhanced resistance against breakage.
    • Red indicator in glass gives peace of mind that your scale insert is properly positioned inside the hydrometer.

    Weight: 2 lbs. (Murphy Cup) + 1.5 lbs (Hydrometer)

    Dimensions: 16 × 6 × 6 in

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