Bosworth Maple Equipment Product Catalog - Out of stock!

Bosworth Maple Equipment Product Catalog - Out of stock!

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Order a FREE copy of the Bosworth catalog and we’ll help you prepare for next season.

Bosworth Company is widely known for their high-quality Guzzler pumps and products. Bosworth’s Guzzler diaphragm pumps are widely used to establish vacuum on maple sap collection lines. Unlike expensive vacuum pumps that require a releaser to isolate sap from the pump, Guzzler diaphragm pumps can both establish the vacuum and transfer the sap through the pump.

SapCheck is a product for remote monitoring and control of your Guzzler pump at your sugarbush. SapCheck comes with a temperature sensor, vacuum sensor and a tank float switch. You communicate with SapCheck using simple text messages to receive current temperature and vacuum readings at your sugarbush. SapCheck will send you a text message to alert you in real-time to a loss of vacuum or that your sap collection tank is nearly full.

Bosworth products include:

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